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OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE NEW! Moving your applications to the new Web App? We’re here to help!

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We’re the Preferred Hosting Partner of JWPlayer – You Can Count on Us!

We offer integration and hosting services for the new JWPlayer’s Web App for client applications.

Hassle-free Integration
Secured Hosting
24/7 Availability
Downtime Support

Secured Hosting

Security is of critical importance. That’s why we prioritise your content’s security over anything.

LVE Containerized Environment

Automated Content Backups

DDoS Protection

Integrated WAF

Secured Hosting

Web Development

We help you develop standalone apps. Enabling you to provide a great experience to your visitors.

On-Demand Streaming

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Web Development

24/7 Support

To ensure that your streaming is uninterrupted by any technical glitch, we offer round the clock 24/7 support for any issues with your JWPlayer integration or h

Dedicated Support Team

Instant Response

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24/7 Support

Cloud Infrastructure

We offer seamless end-to-end cloud infrastructure solutions with minimal downtime.

Upload, Control, and Stream

Cloud Strategy & Consulting

AWS & Azure Expertise

Cloud Migration

Cloud Infrastructure

Platform Development

Start your media streaming journey with our intuitive platform development expertise.


Audio & Video Streaming Support

API & Integrations

Fully Customized

Platform Development

Systems Integration

Our multi-platform integration expertise can be the difference between just another live stream and something extraordinary.

API Integration

Legacy Modernization

System Analysis

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WebApp Hosting & Support


  • 4 hours of email / slack support each month, 4 hours response time during office hours.
  • Support hours can be utilized against minor non breaking changes on the webapp frontend or for consultation and support Non-breaking changes to web-ott-app are updated quarterly to the acceptance environment.
  • Production updates of web-ott-app on request and after acceptance testing by the client.
  • Breaking changes to ott-web-app and/or JW infrastructure are not included and require manual testing.

    One time setup

  • End to end migration from Showcase to the new WebApp
  • DNS + HTTPs + Static Website + CDN setup (Configuration of complete hosting environment)
  • Deployment and setup of OTT-web-app
  • 2x third-party scripts (for example, Google Analytics and cookie consent (hosted) library)

    Optional Extras

  • Custom development, including complete testing and design.
  • Hosting and support for any other applications/sites in same environment
  • PenTest, Security Audit, Application/Infra Security implementation.
  • Live Tech Chat Support (24/7) for Event/Platform/Websites.


  • Security updates (serverside).
  • Web-OTT config changes (on request).
  • Minor branding changes (favicon, fonts, colors).
  • 24/7 site/function uptime monitoring.


Per Month

Monthly Rolling Contract.

Custom Build Prices : $60/hour or $480/day

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the migration from showcase to WebApp?

JW Player WebApp is a modernized replacement of showcase with new features and integrations. Unlike showcase, JW player does not provide hosting for the webapp and it needs to be hosted separately. Migration from showcase to webapp is moving all your playlists, design and theme from showcase to the new hosted webapp.

How long does it take for migration?

The average time for migration is between 2-5 days from start to finish.

Will I loose any data during migration?

No data or videos will be lost during migration, the webapp will have all the videos playlists and any other data available in the original showcase app.

What will be my role in the process?

As a client you will only be required to provide the details regarding any changes or updates needed during the setup of the app, we will take care of everything else.

What will be role of TulipTech in the process?

Tulip tech will provide end to end migration and setup of the webapp with Hosting and maintenance support as per requirements and package selected.

Who will be the point of contact?

The client can get in touch with our support team at [email protected] for an initial discussion, TulipTech will engage relevant support as required. The client once on board with tulip can reach out directly to development or support team via ticketing systems or available mediums based on selected package.

Why should we migrate to the webapp?

JW player will discontinue support for showcase in the future and the new webapp comes with more features and integration options also with our support the client can also customize the webapp as well being some of the reasons to migrate to the webapp.

Can we host the webapp in our existing servers?

Yes, the webapp can be hosted on existing servers or hosting environment, in which case, TulipTech can provide migration and setup support along with long term monitoring and maintenance support if needed. We can also provide a single hosting setup to host any other apps you might currently have in a single maintained and monitored secure environment along with the webapp under our custom packages. The same can be discussed with our support team at [email protected]