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Cyber Attack Kill Chain®

Attackers use the following systematic process to target and engage an adversary to achieve the desired outcomes


The attacker gathers data about the target: such as browsing websites, pulling down PDF’s and learning the internal IT structure of the target organization


Delivery: the payload is delivered to its target, whether it is an HTTP request containing SQL injection code or an email with a compromised method of attack Exploitation: this is the key phase of the attack, possibly using elements of a software, hardware or human vulnerability, or social engineering Installation: installation of a remote access Trojan or backdoor on the victim system

Delivery Exploitation Installation

allows an attacker to maintain persistence inside the environment

Command & Control

Once the attacker has exploited a host system, they beacon back out to a controlling system, typically via the internet to provide hands-on-keyboard access inside the targeted environment.


This is when the data, which has been the ultimate target all along, is collected, encrypted and extracted

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Testing methodology

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We really appreciate the effort and flexibility throughout the past two weeks of our Leeds Data Center Build. This was one of our toughest site build projects with all of the last-minute issues we could not escape. Thanks for staying committed and helping push this project through to completion. We could not have asked for a better result!

Jeremy Delp - CDCDP

Sr. Manager, TTEC

Tulip-Tech IT team consisting of Windows , Linux, Cloud, Network and firewalll experts. Their infrastructure team is looking after our servers, networks, firewalls, cloud environment over year and half now. Their development team (Java,NodeJs,React,DotNet) are helping us develop new products and maintain our complex live video steaming services . We highly rate their knowledge and expertise on the managed services world.

Luca Licata

Director of Technology and Engineering
Ellipse 19

NodesUp provides us a monitoring and alerting services for our websites, we also use desicloud backup solutions to back up all our servers, and data to the cloud. Few times we had to restore from the cloud back up and the process was smooth. We also get notifications if there’s any issue with our websites immediately, which is critical as our business depends on our website

Mahi B Chowdhury

Managing Director, Sort Insurance Ltd

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