Apparel company successfully implements 2-factor authentication with fortinet's fortiauthenticator for windows, office 365, and VPN Access


With the increase in phishing, ransomware, and network-level attacks, companies are continuously deploying cybersecurity solutions that help them prevent these types of attacks and suffer breaches at their edge locations and cloud environments. Kerusso®, an apparel company, had the need to protect all of his Microsoft Windows environment, Office 365 cloud applications, and VPN login with a 2-factor authentication.

We didn’t know Fortinet’s solution could provide us with such a seamless and easy tool to implement. In a matter of days we had covered our need of 2-factor authentication across our critical applications and infrastructure.



TulipTech, in partnership with Fortinet, provided the solution with a FortiAuthenticator VM instance in Kerusso’s cloud. We were able to connect to the Microsoft Active Directory environment, import users, and sync domain federation services with Azure AD and Office 365. FortiAuthenticator provided both an agent to authenticate users at PC and Server level as well as a mobile application to handle OTP codes.
In a matter of days, Kerusso integrated all of his critical apps and infrastructure with FortiAuthenticator:


  • VPN login via SAML2 with FortiAuthenticator and push-notification 2-factor login.
  • Office 365 login via SAML2 with FortiAuthenticator using Domain Federation Services and Azure AD integration with AD Connect user sync.
  • Microsoft Windows PCs and Servers required 2-factor authentication in order to login. Remote workers could still login even if not in the network using offline token capability provided by the agent.


  • Hassle-free, push notification 2-factor login for VPN, Office 365, and Windows.
  • Office 365 integration with both web and desktop applications via SAML2 and Domain Federation.
  • VPN login with Active Directory user + OTP/Push-notification.
  • Ability to log in to Windows PC for online and remote workers. Offline employees use the offline token capability of the agent.
  • One login, multiple applications use. True Single Sign-On technology.
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Client Feedback

“TulipTech has been the key technical resource for our complex implementation of Multi-Factor Authentication. Not only were they able to bring expert-level engineers to the table, but they also offered flexibility, open communication, and management that ensured our project was a success. In a time when everyone is looking out for themselves, TulipTech and Team truly looked out for Kerusso to ensure the success of our project. I am so pleased with the final outcome of our project that I will be engaging them for future projects without question.”


Sean Smith
Director of Technology

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