Easy Webcast

EASYWEBCAST is the world’s easy to use, low-cost, self-service webcasting platform.
Built on the 20 year reputation of STREAMSTUDIO – the world’s most secure webcast platform – the self-service version serves global clients with cost-efficient, one-to-many virtual meetings.

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UI/UX Design
Client Feedback

Infrastructure, Network, Firewalls, Cloud and DevOps

Tulip-Tech IT team consisting of Windows , Linux, Cloud, Network  and firewalll experts. Their infrastructure team is looking after our servers, networks, firewalls, cloud environment over year and half now. Their development team (Java,NodeJs,React,DotNet) are helping us develop new products and maintain our complex live video steaming services . We highly rate their knowledge and expertise on the managed services world.


Luca Licata
WTV, Director of Technology and Engineering

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