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Langdale Care Home Group has 7 care homes across Midlands, UK. An award winning team determined to provide high quality, homely, caring and safe environment.


Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is the cloud-based office suite that
combines the familiar Office features (Word, Excel,
PowerPoint and Outlook, for example), with the next
generation of productivity-based services, such as Planner,
SharePoint, Yammer, and Teams – the team hub that now
includes Business Voice calls, the complete phone system for
organisations with up to 300 users. 

Scalable to business needs and flexible to be expanded
to match ongoing requirements, Office 365 has built-in
industry-leading security, compliance and privacy controls.

Alym Kassam, Head of IT at Langdale Care Homes, says,

“We approached various Office 365 providers, but the
solutions for exporting and importing mailboxes proved too
complex. However, when we discussed migration options
with TulipTech, they came up with a very straightforward
proposal that was simple to understand.”

The move from Hosted Exchange to Microsoft Office 365 and Azure Active Directory

The company began to investigate a move to Office 365 due to the increasing reliance of using Office and Outlook within the business. Office 365 delivers enhanced features and services with the benefits of cloud-based software including the provision of automatic updates and enabling all employees to access the same product version.
The company also needed to implement identity and authentication services to ensure customer data remains secure and private.

The move to Office 365 took place in July 2021, with all 80 employees now migrated, and core applications used throughout the business, and with the use of OneDrive and shared documents gradually rolling out company-wide.

Alym Kassam: “The ability to share files in One Drive is very nice functionality. It’s much more efficient than trying to maintain users and passwords. It’s essential that we’re able to control access to all sensitive customer data.”

Intune and Security Setup

Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune integrates with AZURE AD to enable a broad set of access control scenarios. For example, require mobile devices be compliant with organization standards defined in Intune before access network resources, such as email or Sharepoint. Likewise we can lock down services so they’re only available to a specific set of mobile apps.

In addition to moving to Office 365, Langdale Care Homes opted to implement Microsoft Intune and Bitlocker encryption solutions. 

 Alym Kassam : “We did not have a centralised endpoint security which can be deployed and enforced to all laptop, desktop and mobiles.

“It’s given us far greater control over the management of of our endpoints and end users, enabling us, for example, control what gets installed, and secure the web traffic.”

“We’re also able to push policies to our android devices to make sure they are safe and customer data is secured.”

Streamline Licensing

With a number of on-premises licences purchased for various areas, Langdale Care Homes opted to streamline their licensing arrangements using TulipTech’s Streamline Licensing service.

Alym Kassam : “The company’s licensing strategy is to move to a PAYG model as much as possible, which the CSP model offers.

“We’ve not only streamlined the licensing process, but have made forecasting easier, and been able to build in levels of flexibility regarding the numbers of users. We’ve almost doubled the size of the company over
the past year – and it’s still growing – and so predicting the number of licences we might need was difficult. This removes that difficulty.”

Masum Shamjad, TulipTech founder and CEO

“The idea was to consolidate the licensing under one bill, in one place through moving Langdale Care Homes ’ on-premises licensing to the CSP model

“This also means that Langdale Care Homes now has a one-stop-shop for a number of their solutions. We’re delighted that they now feel to be in a ‘good place’ with their licensing.”

Tulip Tech’s Streamline Licensing

TulipTech’s Streamline Licensing service helps businesses re-organise their Microsoft IT licensing into an efficient, cost-effective structure, by bringing the licences into the CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) programme. Billing is simplified, stays with one central vendor, and businesses pay only for the number of actual users of the licences, can easily add in/remove users, and move
the cost from CAPEX to OPEX.

Migration Experience

TulipTech’s professional services team was involved in planning for the migration from an early stage, carrying out the move itself.

Alym Kassam : “This was one of the better projects we’ve undertaken – the migration process was very well managed, as was the whole project itself.
“Any issues were addressed very early on, and the level of support has been great post-migration.
“We can’t fault TulipTech. Paperwork is comprehensive, and their communication is perfect. TulipTech’s great for flexibility and planning, and making things work easily.”

Langdale Care Homes has a solution that suits their
needs with costs reduced, under one roof, with one bill.

Mitul Dattani says that “the opportunities with Office 365 and the cloud continue to grow. With Office 365, Langdale Care Homes has an evergreen product, with features and functionality continually added, and eliminating the infrastructure costs.”

Next Steps

If you’d like more information about any of the products mentioned –

Office 365, Intune, or TulipTech’s Licensing Service – contact the TulipTech team.