24/7 Remote Service

Remote work has become the new normal and you need to have proper measures in place for uninterrupted work.

Take full control of your IT resources and data with our 24/7 remote service. Access all your important files from anywhere you want and always stay on top of any situation.

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We are partners with the top tech-giants and provide only the best products to our customers.

With 24/7 Remote Service, you get:

  • Hassle-free Remote Access

    Remotely connect with your IT resources and data from anywhere you want. All your important data is just a few clicks away with our smart remote access software.

  • All Devices Supported

    Manage your work network from home with any device or OS want. Hassle-free connection supported on all devices.

  • Fully Secured Network

    Advanced AES-256 bit encryption and TLS are deployed to ensure the security of all your remote sessions.

  • Uninterrupted Workflow

    Never miss an important update and take full control of your resources thanks to our 24/7 remote service software.


Our customers think we deliver the best IT services and we agree!
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We really appreciate the effort and flexibility throughout the past two weeks of our Leeds Data Center Build. This was one of our toughest site build projects with all of the last-minute issues we could not escape. Thanks for staying committed and helping push this project through to completion. We could not have asked for a better result!

Jeremy Delp - CDCDP

Sr. Manager, TTEC

Tulip-Tech IT team consisting of Windows , Linux, Cloud, Network and firewalll experts. Their infrastructure team is looking after our servers, networks, firewalls, cloud environment over year and half now. Their development team (Java,NodeJs,React,DotNet) are helping us develop new products and maintain our complex live video steaming services . We highly rate their knowledge and expertise on the managed services world.

Luca Licata

Director of Technology and Engineering
Ellipse 19

NodesUp provides us a monitoring and alerting services for our websites, we also use desicloud backup solutions to back up all our servers, and data to the cloud. Few times we had to restore from the cloud back up and the process was smooth. We also get notifications if there’s any issue with our websites immediately, which is critical as our business depends on our website

Mahi B Chowdhury

Managing Director, Sort Insurance Ltd

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TulipTech has proudly worked with renowned companies from the UK and all over the world.
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