Our Animation team can convert your ideas into visual animations regardless how easy or complicated the idea is.

Here are some of our works:

Sleep School:

2D animation done for the wonderful Sleep School. Our animator Pola Gruszka designed, storyboarded and animated the video. It was a special pleasure to go through the creative process of designing the main insomniac character, which was also used for the Sleep School Illustration series.

Lending Well:

The character and background design came from The WickedWeb as directed by the client. However, as these were still in pieces these had to be rebuild and bring everything to life in order to give the puppets facial expressions which added so much to the animation.


One Leap:

A 2D animation for an exciting new startup company called One Leap. Pola Gruszka storyboarded, designed and animated the piece. The company, which had it's launch at 10 Downing Street with the animation shown there, is now doing extremely well.



Animation done for a consultancy company to explain their approach. A challenging and abstract subject matter that needed an symbolic, visualized solution. By drawing on elements with strong symbolic meanings, the story worked on many levels.


Motherlode in 37 sec.:

A 2D animation made for a media company called Motherlode as an intro to their website. The key here was to convey snappy humor and Motherlode's storytelling capability in a short, beautiful design.


Gold Currency:

Animation done for a comic, voice artist and investor, Dominic Frisby. We've visualised his script to clarify a complex economical concept. We used simple, stylish design to add maturity and transparency to the animation.


Fiat Animation:

A complex, economic subject matter which needed a clear visual solution that would grab attention and evoke trust in the concept. Pola Gruszka designed and animated this animation, a version of which featured in the now released feature documentary, Four Horsemen.



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